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  • Focus Groups: 2 Hours, Mini-Groups, Triads, Dyads, Extended length
  • One-on-One/In-depth Interviews
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Quantitative Analysis
Expertise with a wide range of TARGET AUDIENCES:
  • General Population: Male and Female
  • Kids, Tweens and Teens
  • Seniors
  • Business Executives including CEO’s
  • Physicians and other Health Professionals
All TYPES of Qualitative Studies:
  • Category Exploratories
  • Advertising Development and Optimization
  • New Product Concept and Product Evaluation
  • Positioning
  • Brand Imagery
  • Product Restage and Concept Labs
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Idea Generation
  • Marketing Bundle Development
  • Attitudes and Usage
  • Usability Testing
  • Product Placements
Employs a variety of sophisticated TECHNIQUES including projectives with creativity, flexibility and strong interpretive analysis for actionability
  • Collages and Photo Sorts
  • Word Associations and Sentence Completions
  • Projectives including Personifications, Balloons and Drawings
  • Creative Problem Solving Techniques
  • Mind Maps
  • Guided Imagery
  • Role Playing
  • Laddering and Benefit Chains
  • Metaphors
  • Product Sorts
  • Simulated Shelf Arrays
  • Storytelling
  • Homework Assignments
The Process:

There are 3 key dimensions to all studies:
  • The planning process in which significant attention is paid to the design of the study to ensure that it will answer the objectives.
  • Conducting the research: All qualitative sessions are facilitated to ensure understanding of consumer headsets and the impact on the brand or business opportunity with a high level of energy. Discussions are held between groups to review the insights and redirect the process where appropriate.
  • Reporting of results are enhanced through Immediate Debriefings that synthesize learning and answer objectives. They are always provided immediately after the last group to ensure that observers are in sync with the conclusions. In addition, it surfaces additional issues to be addressed in the final analysis and facilitates tight decision-making timelines. A more detailed analysis follows as a brief topline, in-depth topline or full presentation deck report, depending upon client needs. In-person or teleconference presentations are also offered.