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“What sets Lynn apart is her rapid-fire, intelligent synthesis of what she hears from the research groups. She provides absolutely accurate recaps, key learning, and next steps that really help us move forward.”
Janet Vennari, Strategem Healthcare Communications

"Lynn is a tremendous asset to a brand team! Her ability to understand challenges facing a brand team and effectively moderate qualitative research to get at the true consumer insights was invaluable in our efforts to effectively manage communications and our launch programs. We've truly benefited from our interaction with Lynn."
Rick M. Peterson, Global Brand Innovation Manager, Philips Oral Healthcare

“Lynn is always a pleasure to work with – highly organized and detail-oriented, with a great respondent rapport. Her quick read of strategic issues results in strong, actionable debriefs and final reports."
Bethany Jones, BBDO

"Lynn is at the top of her field! A leader with the knowledge, understanding, and analytical expertise to guide businesses through the ever so difficult process of conducting research. Her awesome analytical skills allow for immediate business decisions to be made, if necessary. She is an outstanding liaison between marketing and the consumer."
Renee Madaiao, Arquest

“Meticulous attention to detail. Lynn ensures that the business issues and decisions to be made are fully discussed and understood, and that specific research objectives are clearly enumerated and satisfied…”
Steve Caracappa, M&M/Mars/Masterfoods

“Lynn is high energy and easy to work with…flexible when working with clients and adapts easily to different types of personalities. She turns around a professional presentation in a short amount of time. See seems to really enjoy working with consumers and has always been very buttoned up on projects.”
Margo Calano, Schick

“Lynn’s work is characterized by a depth of creative insight resulting from the dynamic approach she takes to her subjective matter. Lynn proved to be an extremely valuable resource to our management decision making needs, particularly in the areas of new product development, program enhancement and customer acquisition and retention.”
Ron Levitt, Citibank

“Lynn is very insightful, buttoned up and very fast on her feet. She gives a very good synopsis of what occurs in a group…Live! Right after the groups that is very well structured and thought provoking. She has a good business mind and understands the issues underpinning any of the work we do. Her debriefs are absolutely amazing. They are more than a synthesis. She facilitates a conversation about what has been observed and helps her clients through the thought process of how best to integrate what they have just learned from consumers into strategic plans.”
Yvette Hubert, Unilever-Best Foods