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“A seasoned research professional. Turning a project over to Lynn provides peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of with no balls dropped…She is the corporate researchers dream…I can just hand it off and know it will be done well, right on budget, and on time with true insights to drive the business.”
Melanie Iwamoto, Constar

“Partnering with Lynn is one of the best decisions my Team made. Lynn’s ability to understand our needs and translate them into an effective action plan which led to tangible findings was a key driver in our business’s success. No matter where I go, Lynn’s contact information comes with me.”
Barry Curewitz, Curewitz & Associates

“We have worked with Lynn on a number of qualitative research projects over the past several years. Lynn’s preparation, attention to detail, and experience has provided keen insights into better understanding the customers and markets we serve. I would certainty recommend Lynn and look forward to working again with her on future projects.”
Grady M. Lenski, Transitions Optical

“Provides insightful research with high energy. Her enthusiasm is infectious and motivates groups to participate. She gets feedback needed to make a decision. Her immediate debrief is a topline report…… no need to sit around and wait for the report.”
Stacy Styles, BBDO

"I have worked with Lynn for several years and find that she brings a special energy, enthusiasm and discernment to qualitative that few other moderators can duplicate. Every project is special to Lynn, and she never takes a client for granted. I find her to add value on a wide variety of strategic and creative projects. Her insights on concepts and advertising are often invaluable."
Leslie Pickens, Unilever HPC

“Lynn has always provided a broad business prospective to projects; she knows to ask the right questions and understands that for the information to be truly valuable it must be actionable to the organization. She definitely doesn’t lose sight of the big picture. Not only is she adept at facilitating a meaningful dialogue with consumers always making them feel comfortable to voice their opinions, she provides insightful analyses and recommendations that have made a significant impact on my business.”
Helen Adler, Citibank

"Lynn is an outstanding moderator for qualitative research at all steps of the process. During the initial design phase, she is very focused on the customer's end goals, and helps drive the research design and materials in view of these objectives. She independently organizes and manages fieldwork, and during focus groups is both engaging with consumers and very flexible in her approach to meet the customer's needs. She delivers reports which take out the essence of the groups in an action-oriented manner, and are very easy to read and reference - even for those who may not have been able to attend the sessions….Lynn helped deliver robust consumer insight in the area of print advertising, packaging and new product design. "
Pierre-Yves Menes, Philips Consumer Electronics

"Lynn strikes the perfect balance between maintaining the fundamentals of sound, quality research, and the flexibility to reach outside of normal conventions in order to provide her clients with crisp and actionable research results."
Mark Truss, Director of Brand Intelligence, JWT

"Lynn develops a relationship with the respondents which brings out the best in them so we get more and better learning. Very importantly, in this time when fast is not fast enough, Lynn can very quickly analyze the learning and provide a very insightful and thorough presentation. And she is always a pleasure to work with. Anonymous